Classic PC Page.
Here you will find information along  with some cool Abandonware  Dos, Windows, files, programs, vintage device drivers and even games. So have a look around. You may also find good information in general on this site as well, related to anything classic Dos and Windows. We test all files available on this site with PC emulator PCem.

*PCem is a great classic PC emulator that is able to emulate a full blown Pentium MMX 200 MHZ system with Sound Blaster 16 audio and Voodoo 2 Graphics.
But it is rather tricky to setup and requires a good host CPU, such as an i7 or better. 99% of computers today meet these minimum requirements. But even
a computer or laptop
of only 3 years old. May have problems emulating a system at full CPU 200 MHZ speeds.*

Troubleshooting and  
Resource Guide
for Windows 95/98/
  Rescuing the Drowning  

Floppy Disks

So exactly what's the easiest way to format disks? You can do it one of three ways: full format (recommended for new disks and disks whose contents are unknown to you), quick format (recommended for reusing disks whose contents are known to be OK, just not useful any longer), and system disks (covered here). Your best bet is always the Full format choice. Insert the disk into the drive, double-click My Computer, choose the A: drive, and click Format on the menu bar. Select "Full" under Format type, choose a label (title) if you like (11 characters max), and click OK. The drive whirs and mutters to itself for a while, then you're done. Windows has wiped the disk clean, checked it for errors, and formatted it for file storage. (In theory, you can put a Macintosh-formatted disk in for reformatting, but I've seen some computers refuse to recognize the disk, so don't get your hopes up for reformatting that fistful of old Mac disks.)

 Quick formats are even easier than full formats, and take less time. Just shove the disk into the drive, double-click My Computer, choose the A: drive, and select Format. Select "Quick (Erase)" and, if you like, a label (title) for the disk up to 11 characters long. Click OK, listen to the drive hum, then when prompted, click Close and then OK again. That's all there is to it.

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