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sage beginners guide

ruby on rails tutorial 2nd edition

ruby on rails for microsoft developers

ruby on rails 3 tutorial

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AbandonWarez Welcome  AbandonWarez Welcome (3/0)
Site specific announcements are posted here by site admins. And introductions by registered members may be posted here as well. Feel free to introduce yourself here in the comments section of the introduction post within this category. * Don't Forget To Register And Login For Access To Faster Registered Member Speeds.!

BBS Zone  BBS Zone (6/1)
This area is for demo/shareware files that may have been bundled with magazines and shared on FTP/UseNet servers. Many BBS systems at the time used all this "junk" as content filler as well. We don't prioritize in this sort of file here as Archive.org does a very good job at listing most shareware and demos that ever existed on earth! But some titles may be interesting and deserve to be posted here as well!

Device Drivers  Device Drivers (31/0)
Old Drivers, etc.

Interesting DOS Files  Interesting DOS Files (353/4)
This section is DOS category. We will list interesting files here.

Windows  NT/95/98 Files  Windows NT/95/98 Files (312/4)
This section is reserved for Windows files. This can be games, applications.

Windows 16 Bit  Windows 16 Bit (133/0)
All things Windows 3.1 and under.

Documents And Resource Files   Documents And Resource Files (440/4)
Clip-Art Graphics, CDs, Vintage Document Files, HTML, Media etc.

Ham Radio & Electronics  Ham Radio & Electronics (146/6)
Because many of these files are of an old nature. We figure that we should give it its own category.

Web Content  Web Content (1549/5)
For archiving in this category. This section is for old HTML templates, Java code. Java scripts. Classic out of date PHP hard to find original scripts. CGI Perl scripts etc. Please remember as much fun as these files can be. To only run them on a private server, unless you really know what you are doing. These scripts are out of date and may have issues running today.

Flash Games  Flash Games (0/0)
Flash games was a thing in the late 90s. So it will be added here as well.

Newer Files  Newer Files (12/0)
This section is reserved for files that don't have a category already listed on this site. Such as files, Documents, Applications and games from other, misc or mobile operating systems or even old versions of programs that might not work on DOS or Win9x.

The Library Of Stuff  The Library Of Stuff (2234/3)
An archive of an old automated library server. You will find many interesting and older titles here. Mostly ebooks.