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Project Title
Square wave generator   0 - 1.5 MHz
Great for tuning your Tesla coils!
Simple 25V /1.5 A Adjustable Power Supply Useful tool for home labs.
Solid State Tesla Coil This version does not need a spark gap to operate.
High Voltage Generator Using a TV flyback transformer.
Blow Up Components Using the universal component annihilator.
Flyback Driver Circuit
Flyback driver circuit. It uses 2 2N3055 power transistors in a push-pull oscillator.
Bottle Capacitor
Easy low cost guide to building home made capacitors. Great for high voltage projects.
Plate Capacitor
Easy simple guide on building basic plate glass capacitors able to handle high voltages.
4kV-5kV 2000VA AC power supply Great for medium and high power Tesla Coils. Using old microwave transformers.
Marx Generator Generator produces a short, high voltage pulse by charging a stack of capacitors in parallel
Flyback 20kV from 24V Only 24 Volts DC "safe" Voltage input.
Self-made capacitors Basically, it's not difficult to make your own cap.
Tesla Coil Construction Article
Mad Scientist’s Lair!

Formula Collection Here are some common formulas you may find useful. Tesla and high voltage related.
Information about Van de Graaff Generators A Van de Graaff generator is an electrostatic machine used to create extremely high voltages.
Basics of Tesla Coils An interesting introduction to Tesla Coils. A good start with some example circuits.
Switch Mode Power Supplies Introduction - Some Definitions. Very useful!
Measuring high voltages The simple easy way.
TESLA COILS SAFETY INFORMATION You should start here! Safety is very impotent.
Tesla Information (Bio)
A short biography.

Free Energy
Nikola Tesla "Secret" FREE Energy Patents An in-depth explanation.
The Manual of Free Energy Devices and Systems
HTML E-book.

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This section has thousands of files ranging from HTML pages to images of anything related to Tesla, High Voltage and free energy! Beware this archive is huge. You will have hours of potential browsing.

My Experiments

Ambient Energy Charger
Water Powered Self charging Oscillator
iPad DC To AC Inverter
Voltage Multiplier
Phone Line AC Inverter 110 Volts Out
Leyden Jars With High Voltage
Back Pulse Current Generator
Wimshurst Electrostatic Tesla Coil
Tesla Coil Christmas Tree
555 timer variable frequency NPN transistor Inverter
Small Tesla Coil Powered Plasma Lamp
Water Powered AM Shortwave Transmitter
200 In One Learning Lab Real High Voltage Spark Transmitter

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