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  Plate Capacitor

The capacitor must be designed in terms of the amount of voltage it will have to handle. So, make sure you leave enough dielectric border on the capacitor so that it will not flashover. There must also be enough dielectric thickness and it must also have a proper dielectric constant (K) to get the desired capacitance in the desired space. The dielectric material must also be free from defects like holes. Defects may cause failure.

Need a straightforward high voltage electrical condenser for a Tesla coil or different high voltage device? this is a straightforward plate electrical condenser that uses glass, plastic, or even a bit of bread board for the dielectric. The plates are made up of common house aluminum foil. These may be created in a minute or 2 (more for the bread board one). a decent piece of glass comes from an old picture frame. This glass is usually 1/16" (about 3mm) thick that ought to rise to 20kV simply thanks to it's high dielectric constant. If you would like a lot of capacitance you'll be able to hook these in parallel and if you would like a high voltage rating you'll be able to hook them in series. The capacitance depends on a couple of totally different things; plate space, dielectric constant, and dielectric thickness. Here are some straightforward formulas for series/parallel capacitors:


Ctotal = 1 / ((1 / C1) + (1 / C2) + (1 / C3) + (1 / etc.))
Voltage rating is the rating of the smallest capacitor times the number of capacitors.


Ctotal = C1 + C2 + C3 + etc.
Voltage rating is the rating of the smallest capacitor.



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