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My name is mister Joe Lagaseeno. And I bring to you my library of files from many various topics! Such as cooking to science and as far "fringe" as occult. All here on this site. This is a small collection of my favorites. Most of these files are very old and have been converted one way or another to HTML web browser readable format. They may not have perfect formatting. But the information is here for all to read, enjoy and benefit.


This web site is not for the mainstream public. Not all eyes may be able to handle the intensity of information you may find here. Not for the weak of mind. You have been warned. Now enjoy the library!

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Hobbies: -Computers new and old. Software, hardware as well. Dos, Windows 95 etc. Servers and HTML web.
                -Electronics and radio frequency (RF). Some ham radio and pirate radio topics. High Voltage projects. X-rays, Tesla, Free Energy etc.
                -Fitness, Outdoor physical activities. Preferably summer time activities. Walking swimming and exercise.
                -Learning. Education and study.
                -Travel. Leisure, mostly out of the Country (World) by air.
                -Music, Dance, High energy type. Mainstream house and club. Anything with good amount of vocals so I can play it on licensed and hobby FM as "AC".
                -Broadcasting, Read up for types of music preferred. Not to be confused with an on air personality.(Voicing)
Year Born 1986. Sex male. (Duh) Take a look at picture on the left :) Name. You can call me Mister Lagaseeno. From and currently living in Ontario Canada. 10 Months of Winter and 2 months of summer keeps my skin extra pale. I am best known locally for my role in community broadcasting. I  also keep surprising my friends and family with new ideas and projects, such as my free energy devices that some have been lucky and have seen working in my lab. I keep myself busy by keeping myself out of trouble. It really works! Learning new things, Things that make me go :)  and of course helping people out if I can along the way!


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