Windows 95/98 Enhanced Calculators

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Version 2.11  
17-Apr-98 626K Win 95/98/NT Shareware
Never Expires Install Unknown
8 min at 14.4K 4 min at 28.8K 1 min at ISDN 128K
The Mother of all Calculators, a Swiss Army knife for scientists and engineers. On one hand, this is an sci/eng calculator: evaluates expressions with more than 103 functions (trig and inverse, log/exp, distributions, Euler, conditional, user-defined), unit conversions, physical constants, computer math (binary, octal, hex), function graphs. On the other, Kalkulator provides advanced operations: statistics (mean, s.d., histograms, polynomial regression), column operations on stat data, polynomial roots, linear algebra (with systems of linear equations). Recently added: function extremum search and point or histogram fitting with an arbitrary function. Importantly, the advanced features don't obstruct the basic ones. Disk save/restore, Help file and other niceties are also included.

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Version 1.51  
14-Feb-98 1,133K Win 95/98/NT Shareware
Expires after 30 Days Install & Uninstall
14 min at 14.4K 7 min at 28.8K 1 min at ISDN 128K
An authentic MDI software application which is to make graphics solving ordinary differential equations and functions by the analysis of their numerical values. This application can solve differential equations in 10 elements simultaneously and of 100 order as maximum. You can use parameters in functional equations, and mapping and integral calculations are also possible. Graphics this application can make are ordinary graphics, real-time animations, cyclo-prot graphics and 3-D ones.

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Version 1.2  
04-Feb-98 192K Win 95/98/NT Shareware
Expiration Unknown Install & Uninstall
2 min at 14.4K 1 min at 28.8K <1 min at ISDN 128K
A programmable scientific RPN calculator that features more than 100 functions for doing percentages, probability calculus, trigonometric, statistical and many more calculations. Artis-11C is easily programmable and you do not need any programming experiences. Comes with sample programs for doing matrix calculations, numerical integration or solving quadratic equations.

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Version 3.1   No Registration Required
04-Feb-98 113K Win 95/98/NT Freeware Never Expires No Install
1 min at 14.4K 1 min at 28.8K <1 min at ISDN 128K
A program to display, print and discuss mathematical functions of all kind. It has an easy to use GUI and even supports highly detailed printing.