Windows 95/98 Information Reference Databases

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                    Download Request Tracker
Version 1.0  
23-May-98 3,529K Win 95/98/NT Shareware
Expiration Unknown Install & Uninstall
44 min at 14.4K 22 min at 28.8K 4 min at ISDN 128K
A Help Desk database system that allows you to store and retrieve all pertinent information about customer requests. Track who requests what and when they requested it, what was done to address the request, who handled the request and how much time it took them. If you charge customers for the requests you handle, Request Tracker will allow you to calculate charges, print bills and track payments.

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                    Download Scholar's Aid Kairos
Version 1.0 Beta  
08-May-98 197K Win 95/98/NT Shareware Expires after 30 Days Install & Uninstall
2 min at 14.4K 1 min at 28.8K <1 min at ISDN 128K
This program is a must for scholars who write academic documents: theses, dissertation, articles, or books. It manages your bibliography, converts bibliographical data into citations (footnote, short footnote, parenthetical reference, short parenthetical reference, bibliographical entry, and reference list entry), and transfers to your word processor directly. It supports 7 major word processors: Word 6, 7, 97, WordPerfect 6, 7, 8, and WordPro 97.

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                    Download SIRIUS - The Information Tool for Electronics
Version 2.05  
24-Apr-98 5,096K Win 95 Demo Expiration Unknown Install & Uninstall
64 min at 14.4K 32 min at 28.8K 6 min at ISDN 128K
Consists of information on over 240,000 integrated circuits and discrete semiconductors. It also includes more than 311,700 pages of information and 2,520 application notes from 56 manufacturers worldwide. The database contains data on digital, linear, interface, memory, and microprocessor ICs, transistors, diodes, thyristors, mosfets and optoelectronic devices.

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                    Download RefMaker 32
Version 1.31  
25-Mar-98 4,100K Win 95/98/NT Shareware
Expiration Unknown Install & Uninstall
51 min at 14.4K 26 min at 28.8K 5 min at ISDN 128K
Creates, stores, searches, and edits a bibliographic database and automatically creates a reference list. It's a great tool for research reports, theses, and essays. It allows you to create as many different databases as you like, in Microsoft Access format. It also supplies a full-function document editor, with which you can write reviews or articles easily with the assistance of the relevant bibliographies. The document files generated from RefMaker 32 are fully compatible with Microsoft Word. A toolbar and well-organized interface make the program easy to use.

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                    Download Star Trek Information Database
Version 1.8  
19-Mar-98 3,440K Win 95/98/NT Shareware
Never Expires Install & Uninstall
43 min at 14.4K 21 min at 28.8K 4 min at ISDN 128K
Access the latest in Star Trek episode information with STIB! Contains episode data for Star Trek and all of its spinoffs.

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                    Download NaturBase
Version 1.33  
08-Jan-98 3,600K Win 95/98/NT Shareware
Expires after 14 Days Install & Uninstall
45 min at 14.4K 22 min at 28.8K 4 min at ISDN 128K
The most user friendly Herb & Nutrition software tool available, NaturBase contains information on over 200 herbs, 300 nutrients, 2200 medical terms and more. A CD ROM version is available with 800+ herbs, 595 chemicals & nutrients, 3200 terms, and commercial supplement data.